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personal trainer wokingham

Lauren Walusiak

Coach: Level 3 Personal Trainer, BSc Sport Science

After 6 years of gym experience and completing a sports science degree, I’ve built up the knowledge to give my clients the best tools to reach their goals. These tools include tailored 1-1 sessions, custom training plans and nutrition protocols that are fun and sustainable for all types of individuals. This simple method has helped my current and past clients to improve their strength, confidence, and physique. I’ve worked with both males and females in different age groups and have taken that experience to improve on future programmes and challenges. I love to make my sessions enjoyable but also challenging which helps my clients to turn up full of energy and leave stress free.

I’ve been involved in training from a young age and have competed in local and national level competitions in athletics. This sparked my interest in coaching which I progressed at university and have never looked back. I specialise in working with males and females in weight loss, bodybuilding, and nutrition.  Outside of coaching I train 5-6 days a week where I incorporate a lot of heavy lifting and CrossFit style workouts.  

Favourite Food: Spag Bowl

Favourite Film: Bridesmaids

Favourite Exercise: Bar Muscle Ups

personal trainer wokingham

Jan Walusiak

Coach: Level 3 Personal Trainer, BSc Strength & Conditioning Science

 I have been working in a coaching environment for the last 7 years. First 3 years was predominantly coaching elite and university levels athletes followed by personal training the general public. I’ve loved every minute of coaching and meeting new clients and seeing them thrive as they get fitter and stronger. I mainly specialise in functional bodybuilding, strength training and weight loss and prioritise steady progress that is sustainable over quick fixes, fad diets and fancy training routines. Keep the basics consistent and reap the rewards.

Coming from an athletics background I’ve always found the art of coaching very fascinating. I took this interest further by completing a degree in Strength & Conditioning Science which has given me the best possible tools to help clients with different levels of abilities, ages, goals, and gender. I like to incorporate all types of training methods into my own training and where applicable into my clients’ sessions. Whether it’s strength training, CrossFit or bodybuilding I like to think that being well rounded is something important for longevity.

In my down time I’m a keen mma enthusiast and a film snob so if you want to chat about any of those instead of training, I’m your guy.


Favourite Food: Steak & Chips

Favourite Film: Interstellar 

Favourite Exercise: Deadlift 


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