The Team


Lauren Shaw

Coach - Level 3 Personal Trainer, BSc Sport Science

I have been involved in sport all my life, from winning the sports day races at the age of 10 to being part of the Bracknell Athletics Team for 10 years competing at national and recreational levels. I studied Sport Science in college for 2 years and then went on to study Sports Science at St Mary's University for 3 years. Whilst studying for my degree I also trained at Brunel University where I trained for 200 and 400m 6 days of the week. After graduating I moved away from sprinting and wanted to use my knowledge and expertise to develop myself training programmes to increase my strength, fitness and build more muscle! After being able to write effective programmes for myself,  I wanted to help other people to change their physiques like I had for myself. I obtained  my personal training qualification and began personal training at David Lloyds in Reading. I coached, and still coach  males and females of different shapes and sizes with different goals and started to see great results where people have developed their strength, lost weight and toned up in 90 days. On the side of this I train for CrossFit where I push myself everyday to stay fit and healthy.  I also love to do strength training and lift heavy weights where I can really see my potential! I love to see people get results and help them to change their physique for the better. They feel more confident and happier which makes me feel good ! Now I want to reach out to more people and help them to get to the body they want if that is losing weight, toning up or building muscle.

Favourite Food: Bolognaise 

Favourite Film: Bridesmaids

Favourite Exercise: Bar Muscle Ups


Jan Walusiak

Coach: Level 3 Personal Trainer, BSc Strength & Conditioning Science

As a former track and field athlete for almost 8 years I have possessed physical attributes through well-structured training programmes and nutrition that have been sustainable over a long period of time. The completion of these programmes was attained through hard work and smart recovery. During my time as a track and field athlete I also completed a degree in strength and conditioning science, those three years gave me vast amounts of knowledge on how to optimise physical and mental performance in all types of individuals. From topics such as human physiology, biomechanics and  psychology to practical applications of coaching such as strength training, Olympic lifting and training programming it gave me the opportunities to work with elite athletes over the last 4 years. I am currently in the field of personal training the general public, which has given me great experience into working with a variety of different shapes, sizes, age and gender where I love to apply my knowledge of using the correct training methods to allow my clients to enjoy the process of getting fitter, stronger and healthier. This has diversified my style of coaching by challenging me to work with numerous movement, strength and fitness level constrictions. All in all the goal of my clients is to improve their body composition, strength levels and movement without being restrictive in what they eat and do. My training now mainly consists of CrossFit as it allows me to improve my athleticism in a variety of disciplines.


Favourite Food: Steak & Chips

Favourite Film: Interstellar 

Favourite Exercise: Deadlift