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Welcome to Performance Culture. We focus on helping you achieve a physique that you can be truly proud of. Whether it’s shredding fat, gaining lean muscle or even just feeling healthier we’ve got you covered. Our philosophy is simple “if it’s not sustainable then don’t do it”. We make sure to coach things that actually work, so if you’re looking for a fancy shake diet, cleanse or 15 minute abs routine then you’re in the wrong place. We have both studied years of Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning and pride ourselves in providing a coaching experience that will 100% change the way you look, feel and think.


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1-1 Personal Training & Online Body Transformations

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1-1 Personal Training

We Are Located In: Reading, Ascot & Langley

We provide 1-1 Personal Training for both males and females who want to make a sustainable body transformation. No matter if you're a beginner or someone who is just stuck on what to do next, we help you make a breakthrough with our simple yet effective coaching philosophy. This includes a tailored training program that will run on the side of your personal training sessions and a nutrition protocol that will allow you to be flexible with your eating and still reach amazing results.

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Online Body Transformations

Reach Your Goals On Any Schedule

Our Online Body Transformations allow you to work with us remotely and completely on your own schedule. This is perfect for busy professionals who want to transform their physique and health without the hassle of arranging sessions. This is just as effective as personal training as we're with you step by step each day providing all the tools you need for a sustainable transformation. To find out more book a Transformation Call below and we'll get in touch on how to get you started.


Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results


Since Jan has been coaching us, his help, support and guidance (which has been amazing) has improved our overall strength and fitness dramatically.
We have lost weight and our bodies are stronger and leaner.
We have learnt so much from Jan, he is willing to share his expert knowledge on all different kinds of fitness, exercise and nutrition and his dedication to our performance and wellbeing is clear! We feel heathier, happier and have so much more energy. Mentally our journey has been brilliant and we don't want nor will we let this journey end.

Lucy Jafrate

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Windsor, United Kingdom


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